Options for Mixed Prescriptions

Not everyone has the same prescription for both the right and left eye.  In fact, it is extremely common to have a mixed prescription (i.e, where the left and right eyes have different prescriptions).  Yet most major online retailers offer few, if any, options for mixed prescription swim goggles.  However, Splash Optics is unlike other retailers and we understand that a single prescription pair of goggles does not always work.  That is why we offer a mixed prescription option for our TYR Corrective Optical Goggles, which available exclusively at Splash Optics.  Just note, that in order to make this option available, Splash Optics will swap out lenses from two different goggle pairs, which voids the manufacturers warranty. But no worries, if you have any problems with your goggles Splash Optics will be happy to replace or refund your purchase per our return guidelines.

However, if you prefer, you can always purchase two pair of goggles and switch the lenses out yourself.  The lenses are interchangeable for both the left and right eye, so you end up with 2 pair of identical goggles.  Simply swap out the interchangeable lenses by removing the nose bridge and undoing the strap as shown below.



(Note: Due to the one piece mold design, it is not possible to swap out lenses in the TYR Big Swimple Optical goggles.)

While lenses must be swapped out in the TYR line of goggles, our Hilco Vantage Kids Prescription Swim Goggles comes as a kit.  In other words, you order the right and left lenses separately,  so no swapping is required.