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By Adminstrator / July 31, 2017

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Prescription Goggles

There must be 10,000 ultimate travel packing lists on the internet, but not one will give you this piece of...

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By Adminstrator / June 24, 2017

Before Prescription Goggles

This is why they invented prescription goggles . . .  

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By Adminstrator / May 26, 2017

Do Prescription Swim Goggles Make You Smarter?

Rightly or wrongly, people associate intelligence with glasses.  But why is that?  There are a number of competing theories.  Conventional...

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By Adminstrator / April 15, 2017

Swimming with Contact Lenses is Simply Not Worth the Risk

Let me start off by stating out front that this posting may come across as self-serving.  Splash Optics sells prescription...

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By Adminstrator / April 9, 2017

The Forgotten Inventor of Optically Corrected Swimming Goggles

It was on June 6, 1974 that inventor Frank Decorato of 60 E. 96th Street, New York, New York filed...

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By Adminstrator / March 18, 2017

Early Swimming Goggles

Most of us probably take for granted that swimming goggles aren't painful or require the use of flammable liquids, but...

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